How to Calm Down if You’re Feeling Anxiety

I get it, I've been there too. You need something to reduce your anxiety right now because you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious and antsy. Here's some tips and practices on how to calm down. Not every practice will work for every one. Some of these work for me sometimes, and sometimes they don't. That's why I have so many to draw from and try when I need it. I hope this helps you.   What If I have Anxiety Right Now? Here's How to Calm Down I've learned about a lot of techniques to help with anxiety or panic attacks in…

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Aromatherapy Stress Balls DIY Stress Relief

Aromatherapy stress balls are something I think every person should have right now! It's nice to squeeze in your hand like a traditional stress ball with the added benefits of calming essential oils to smell as well. It's super easy to make too. You can even make it with your kids as a fun craft! I've made a few stress balls by now and used different essential oil blends each time. You can really have fun and experiment with this stress relieving activity.  What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are essences extracted from plant matter. They can be used for…

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Strawberry Mango Swirl Sorbet (Dairy Free & Vegan!)

I'm squeezing in a summer dessert before the summer is over and it is a super delicious, easy to make, vegan Strawberry Mango Swirl Sorbet! There are very few ingredients and if you wanted to, you could just make one flavor or the other. This recipe really is a two for one.It's fruity and refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer day. My husband and I gobbled it up the minute I finished photographing it for this post! Strawberry Mango Swirl Sorbet A Note on Equipment: The strawberry sorbet does require an ice cream churner. If you don't have one, I…

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The Best Self Help Books for Everyone

I've read my fair share of self-help books! I tend to go back to the ones I love again and again for advice or positive words. Need a little pick me up? Self Help. Feeling lost? Self Help. Trying to make a hard decision? Self Help. Creative or writer's block? Self Help!! So without further ado, here are my favorite self help books for you! Previous Next Best Self-Help Books for Everyone Daring Greatly, By Brene Brown  5/5 Find on Goodreads Let me tell you, I haven't read all of Brene's books yet, but I sure plan to! Her work is…

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How to Make Book Page Paper Roses

Book Page Paper Roses are so fun and so easy to  make! They also make for great home decor that will never die from lack of watering (guilty!). And to top it all off, they are gorgeous! Once you know the basic steps, you can use any sort of paper you want. You don't have to stick to just book pages. You could try music sheets, maps, scrapbook paper, etc. The options are endless! Check out my step by step instructions here with pictures and I have a Youtube video embedded below for all you visual learners out there like…

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Blog ReBranding—Why the New Look?

Why a New Look for the Blog? If you've been around my blog for a while, you know it used to have a completely different look. As Sweet Melissa, I was centered more around baking. Over the past year or so I've gotten into other hobbies, particularly papery hobbies like journaling, pen paling, Cricut crafts, sticker making and all things stationery. I also have dealt with anxiety all my life and wanted to share information centered around that and what has helped me over the years. Many people have to come to struggle with it as well, so I want…

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My Small Business & Crafts

With Love Melissa: Introducing My Small Business

Introducing... With Love, Melissa If you've made your way around my blog you'll know that besides baking, I am a super creative person and after I got a Cricut for Christmas, I decided to start my own small business: With Love Melissa!  I'm starting off on etsy with plans to expand once I get my business off the ground. So much love and effort have gone into this project.  Hopefully you love it as much as I do!  With Love, Melissa Shop Now Open! Shop Now With Love, Melissa will encompass everything I love, starting off with succulents, nature and…

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Easy Guacamole (Only 5 Ingredients!)

Guacamole is one of my favorite snacks ever. I prefer a simple guac, no cilantro, no jalapenos, no extra spices. I like an easy bare bones version. Some nice crispy potato chips to dip and you now have the best snack on earth. My husband and I can demolish a whole bowl of guac in one sitting without trying. The best part is, this is soooo good for you! No need to feel guilty over eating a whole bowl of it. Besides being the best snack ever, guacamole goes with everything...on tacos, chili, quesadillas, fajitas, sandwiches, chicken, heck put it…

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Animal Behavior: A Reading List

Something many people don't know about it me is that I'm fascinated with animal behavior. Books on how animals operate, their emotions and motivators really interests me. I double majored in English and Anthropology for my undergrad college years. For my Anthropology major, I took classes like Primate Behavior, Comparative Anatomy, and Human Evolution and Behavior. My interest branched off from there. I've read quite a few books on the topic of animal behavior, their thoughts and feelings, and a book on some great primatologists of our time. If you're interested too, I have quite a few recommendations. I loved every one…

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Christmas Reading List to Keep the Cheer Alive

If you still want to stay in the Christmasy mood like I do, I suggest reading some Christmasy books while listening to Christmas music. I hate that the radios stop playing Christmas music the minute the holiday ends. I would leave my Christmas tree around year up if I could! Hopefully these books will bring a little extra Christmas cheer into your life.  Previous Next Here's Some Christmas Reading: One Day in December, by Josie Silver  5/5 Find on Goodreads Laurie experiences love at first sight when her bus stops and she makes eye contact with a man sitting on…

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