Introducing My Small Business: With Love, Melissa
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Introducing My Small Business: With Love, Melissa

Introducing... With Love, Melissa If you've made your way around my blog you'll know that besides baking, I am a super creative person and after I got a Cricut for Christmas, I decided to start my own small business! I'm starting off on etsy with plans to expand once I get my business off the ground. So much love and effort have gone into this project. I hope you love it as much as I do.  Shop Now Open! Shop Now With Love, Melissa will encompass everything I love, starting off with succulents, nature and meditation vibes. I plan on expanding with…

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Animal Thoughts and Emotions: A Reading List

Something many people don't know about it me is that I'm fascinated with animal behavior. Books on how animals operate, their emotions and motivators really interests me. I double majored in English and Anthropology for my undergrad college years. For my Anthropology major, I took classes like Primate Behavior, Comparative Anatomy, and Human Evolution and Behavior. My interest branched off from there. I've read quite a few books on the topic of animal behavior, their thoughts and feelings, and a book on some great primatologists of our time. If you're interested too, I have quite a few recommendations. I loved every one…

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Christmas Reading List to Keep the Cheer Alive
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Christmas Reading List to Keep the Cheer Alive

If you still want to stay in the Christmasy mood like I do, I suggest reading some Christmasy books while listening to Christmas music. I hate that the radios stop playing Christmas music the minute the holiday ends. I would leave my Christmas tree around year up if I could! Hopefully these books will bring a little extra Christmas cheer into your life.  Previous Next Here's Some Christmas Reading: One Day in December, by Josie Silver  5/5 Find on Goodreads Laurie experiences love at first sight when her bus stops and she makes eye contact with a man sitting on…

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Living Dairy Free—Brand Recommendations & Dairy Free Substitutes for Recipes

When I was young, my mom had my brother and I tested for food allergies and we both ended up being allergic to dairy woo hoo! So that means no more milk, cheese, heavy cream and all their variations.But living dairy free isn't as hard as you think. There are so many great alternatives out there now, it's a piece of cake to make all sorts of dairy free confections and sweets and even in my cooking too.I thought I would post about what dairy free alternatives are out there and what I use in my kitchen for those who…

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My Favorite Food Blogs

So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite food blogs. These are the blogs of people I frequently go to for inspiration and read just because I love to read anything they have to write. And of course because I love their recipes! This post is updated (April 2021) with a new favorite of mine which I've been going to frequently. Read to the bottom to find out all my favorite food blogs! 1. David Lebovitz David's blog has been around for a long time, I think he might have started it in the 90's if I remember…

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My Favorite Podcasts

I didn't listen to podcasts for the longest time, but then after much consideration I decided to download the Google podcast app and looked for a few to try out. I initially subscribed to a million of them, but I narrowed it down to three favorites that I listen to regularly with some others that I'll listen to occasionally. My favorites of course are going to get more of the spotlight here.  1. Practical Positivity, by Sophie Cliff My absolute favorite podcast is Practical Positivity, run by Life Coach Sophie Cliff. She gives tips and advice on how to live a…

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My Skin Care Routine

I'll start off by saying it took an awful long time for me to actually be interested in keeping my skin looking good. After much persistence from my lovely mama, I started trying some skin care products she raved about and now I have an ingrained routine that I never miss a single day of. I have to give a huge shout out to my mom for all her skin care wisdom. She loves skin care as much as I love baking, so she pointed me in the right direction for taking proper care of my skin.   I start off every…

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