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Camping Staycation Weekend

We were supposed to use our vacation to go to California to visit friends, but due to the COVID travel advisories we unfortunately had to cancel it. So my husband and I planned some fun activities to do during our staycation instead. 

We started with camping! We stayed at a quiet small campground that had a small pond with a hiking trail around it. Can you spot the frog in the first picture? 


Here’s his close up shot. This guy was the biggest frog we saw in the pond! He just chilled out and let me photograph him. I think he wanted me to get his good side. 

Here was the hiking trail that went around the pond. Quiet, peaceful and surrounded by trees. 


tree bark

A lovely pine tree that was near our campsite. I seem to love taking close ups of bark and the look above angle for the trees. Both look like good wallpapers to me! 

Then of course we have your required camping activities which  include making a campfire, barbecuing, smores, and reading by the fire. I snuck in some bullet journaling as well. 

There’s nothing better than reading by a fire, listening to crickets cricketing and birds chirping.  


I end with this beautiful sunset evening picture. We walked past the pond, saw this and had to run back to the campsite to get the camera. I think it’s quite beautiful, the black outline of the trees with the touch of color from the setting sun. 

Which edit do you like better?

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