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A Visit to the Arboretum

I recently discovered this beautiful arboretum after I started working at my library and I have become addicted to it since. It has so many beautiful flowers and trees and it’s so peaceful. I could spend all day here, walking around and reading in the shade. 

My husband and I went in March during quarantine (don’t worry we wore masks) and we got to see some beautiful daffodils and tulips. 


Those daffodils and tulips were taken with my Google Pixel 3A phone. We then visited the arboretum later in June with my parents after I got the DSLR. 

I was more into trees this time around. 

tree bark

I was playing around with close ups of the bark on trees. It’s amazing to see the detail, the different ridges and shapes that characterize bark on a certain tree. I definitely like taking close up photos.

Trees can look so very different when you look at them from a different perspective. 

spiral bark tree

I regret not catching the name of this tree, I’ll check the next time I go. It was so very unique in that the bark didn’t go straight up. It went up the tree in a spiral pattern, so different from the one before. 

pine tree

When we passed by this pine tree, it was like walking through a patch of Christmas. You got hit with that wintery pine smell. My mom and I just stood there and smelled it for as long as we could. Pine is such a relaxing scent to me. 

I took a picture of this cute little flower after we got hit with a patch of rain. We had no jackets or hoods, so we had to make a run for it. I was shielding my camera from the rain under my shirt.

My dad said he had never seen me run so fast in his life. In truth I am not much of a runner, had to save the camera though, ha! 

I saved this picture for last because it’s one of my favorites. I love how it came out, the white just starting to bloom flower against the dark green background. The little buggies hanging out on top. I’d say this was the best photo of the trip. I can’t wait to go back and take more. 

If you want to see some more flower photos, check out this post of my mom’s beautiful front garden. Or maybe look at my photography page for more.

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