Christmas Reading List to Keep the Cheer Alive
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Christmas Reading List to Keep the Cheer Alive

If you still want to stay in the Christmasy mood like I do, I suggest reading some Christmasy books while listening to Christmas music. I hate that the radios stop playing Christmas music the minute the holiday ends. I would leave my Christmas tree around year up if I could! Hopefully these books will bring a little extra Christmas cheer into your life.  Previous Next Here's Some Christmas Reading: One Day in December, by Josie Silver  5/5 Find on Goodreads Laurie experiences love at first sight when her bus stops and she makes eye contact with a man sitting on…

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Giving Food as Gifts this Christmas

This Christmas my husband and I are on a budget. We're saving for a house (woo hoo!), so we're trying to keep a tight ship. We were trying to think of budget friendly Christmas gifts and of course, the first thing that pops into my head is food!Who doesn't love some yummy homemade goodies around the holidays? Maybe the Grinch, but I think I can turn even him to the sugar filled dark side. So without further ado, here's some tips and ideas for making homemade food gifts for your loved ones for Christmas this year.  Planning and Tips Here's…

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Vegan Gluten Free Holiday Sugar Cookies

If you are subscribed to my newsletter, I recently told you I just found out that I'm allergic to eggs and sensitive to gluten. What I mean is, I should not eat eggs at all anymore, but eating some gluten every once in a while is fine. So from now on all my bakes will be dairy and egg free, and I'll be coming out with gluten free bakes as well! My traditional sugar cookie recipe was full of ingredients I now cannot have, so I made up a new one. My new holiday sugar cookies are free of dairy, eggs and…

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Red Bean Chili

This red bean chili is a fall favorite in my house. I love to make it once it starts getting cold out. Who doesn't love a good chili recipe? It's got a secret too...cocoa. Who'd a thought, but I'm telling you it works!This recipe comes from one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen.  I did make some slight modifications (a little extra cocoa, cough cough), but other than that this recipe is golden. I. Love. Chili. It's like a heartier version of a taco without the shell and there's so much that can go with it. If you're into…

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